I am someone who has a lot of thoughts. I am also someone who likes to share my thoughts, warranted or unwarranted. This is just an online compendium of those thoughts. Happy you’re here!

a resurrecting morning

  1. the way that a true sun rises. dreams from childhood, long road trips to syracuse, the taste of a summer berry, the smell of morning grass after a night-long rainstorm.

  2. mars’ silly, brain worm-riddled newsletter.

more about this blog

I like writing about a lot of things, but this will mostly be about:

  • music

  • nostalgia

  • internet culture

  • arts/art history

  • …. microbiology….

  • the way i want to become one with the fungus in my backyard

4 aventures de Reinette et Mirabelle

about the author

My name is Mars! As of writing this, I am currently 21 years old and nearly done with university. I have no concept of the passage of time and live mostly in my own head. Sometimes I bake and write letters to people. Other times I draw and play video games. I have mostly Aries placements, supplemented by Scorpio placements. My favorite flavors are matcha and mango. I love orangutans and spend all my time complaining about either back or stomach pain.

psst… i also contribute to indie gaymers, which is a blog dedicated to discussing and reviewing indie games. please read everyone’s contributions! hehe

Let’s be friends, even from afar. Love you and hope you’re doing well.